Me vs. The Orange

Don’t you love when you find good food in your refrigerator that you had forgotten you bought? It’s like Christmas! Or Hanukkah! Or any gift-giving or surprise holiday, I guess.

Anyhoo, I found an orange in my fridge and was very excited about it. The only problem was, as I tried to peel open the orange, I quickly discovered that this had to be the most difficult orange ever. I could easily get my nail into one side of the thick skin, but I kept trying to get the skin off of the juicy inner goodness, and it just would not budge. Having a bit of a drama streak myself, I decided that this would be an all out war between me and this orange. I literally fell on my knees to try to get this skin off the orange piece by piece. It took forever and my hands hurt!

It was one of the most delicious oranges I ever ate…twenty minutes later.

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