Name Slip

A hilarious thing happened to me yesterday. I was out eating some dinner with my significant other, when he saw a friend from the office. He said hello and they chatted small talk for a bit. My boyfriend introduced me and his work friend introduced the woman next to him. He said, “Oh, this is Jackie.” The woman reached out her hand to me and said “Hi, I’m Debbie.” I nearly spit up my water holding back laughter. It would have been a perfect time to sing the awkward moment song.

3 thoughts on “Name Slip

  1. Wow, that is awkward. It doesn’t stop when you get married either; I usually try to avoid people I know from work when I see them elsewhere but my wife always wants to meet them.

  2. I was there! HILARIOUS (and very true). The worst part is that he still somehow managed to hook up with her at the end of the night.

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