Graceful Rainwalking?

I am confused as to how to walk in a slight rainstorm properly. Here in the midwest, the weather changes with the blink of an eye, so you never know what type of weather you may run into. Today, as I was walking to my car, it began to mildly rain. I didn’t know the proper way to walk in this mild rain. It was not bad enough to justify running, nor was it light enough to justify pretending nothing is happening. I didn’t have an umbrella with me, but it would have been too light to use it anyway–even though I was getting wet!

Just wondering if anyone had some advice or thoughts on the matter.

One thought on “Graceful Rainwalking?

  1. I hear that if you run in the rain, more of your body is hit by water than if you walk. BUT, because you are traveling faster there is less amount of water hitting you. So even though more body space is wet, you dry off quicker. Also, I like shiny things.

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