40 years later, Michael Jackson moonwalking hoax revisited

Forty years after the first known moonwalk, first executed by the late Michael Jackson, there remains controversy as to whether or not the stunt was a huge hoax designed to intimidate the communist USSR, whose technological advances were overwhelming America. Despite overwhelming evidence for his moonwalking to have actually happened, conspiracy theorists will not lay to rest a few simple items that make them believe the singer/dancer’s patented move was simply created in a Hollywood basement. The main item the theorists argue is whether or not there should have been wind going through his coat enough to make it move as much as it did. The late King of Pop always asserted that his moonwalking was real, and showed visitors the very shoes he wore while attempting the feat. He encouraged others to continue their attempts at moonwalking and learning as much as they possibly can about it, despite the sacrifices it takes. Yet, as time goes on and generations become further and further from the first time it happened, the speculation will only continue.

Watch for yourself and decide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6dx3Zm86P4

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