Congress, claiming their attention span is waning and their bodies are getting antsy to play, is looking forward to recess

Tired of being cooped up at their desks all day, members of Congress are really excited about the upcoming recess. “Whenever it’s close to recess time, the politicians get so antsy,” says Sara Thomas a leading aide. “I always have to remind them to finish their work before they can go outside and play, but-especially when the weather is nice-it’s hard to get them to focus on anything but sweet freedom outdoors.”

It’s not all fun and games at recess time, either. Being outside can be quite tumultuous for many of the politicians. A leading representative, who chose to remain unnamed, says, “I get nervous sometimes during recess. I want to make sure I get a chance to play with everybody but sometimes some of the other politicians are mean to me and I have to play by myself and I get sad. I mean, we all act like friends when we’re inside, but the moment we’re outside, it’s like they become too cool for me. I don’t know if my emotions can take any more of this roller coaster.”

Even with pending, sweeping health care reform on the horizon, politicians are already checking out. Many claim they want time to run around, swing, build some mud pies, and play on the monkey bars before they get back to doing the jobs they were elected and are paid to do.

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