Woman arrested in a Starbucks in Cambridge, MA for disorderly conduct when she complained about the amount of foam in her latte

A woman was arrested this past weekend in for complaining about the amount of foam in her latte at Starbucks. Janice Darby, a 36-year-old mother in Cambridge, MA, apparently became irate upon receiving her Starbucks drink. “I ordered a no-foam, grande, soy, extra hot latte, and I got a foamy, grande, soy, extra hot latte. I come here every day and get the same thing. These people know me. They’re like my neighbors. This is like my home. I go on vacation for one week and suddenly I’m like a stranger who likes foam in her latte. You tell me how I’m supposed to stay calm.”

Eyewitnesses claim that Darby saw the foam and asked for another drink. When the Starbucks officials refused, she became irate, screaming and flailing around the store. She even, supposedly, hopped over the counter and began throwing foam at the workers. At that point, somebody had Tweet-ed about the destruction, the Cambridge police force caught wind of it through Twitter, and came to arrest the woman.”

“I think there is a much deeper level of discrimination going on here,” claims Darby’s lawyer, Mike Hutchinson. “Many housewives are often portrayed as high-maintenance. There is a definite history here with Starbucks, more than other coffee companies, upsetting these women…disproportionately. The public needs to start having this very serious discussion about how to keep our housewives from becoming desperate because nobody likes desperate housewives. Absolutely nobody.”

Until then, Darby remains in her coffee and foam-free home on bail awaiting a trial date set for late September.

2 thoughts on “Woman arrested in a Starbucks in Cambridge, MA for disorderly conduct when she complained about the amount of foam in her latte

  1. I worked at Starbucks for two years and
    1) Soy gets extra foamy even when you try not to make foam. Customers need to realize that milk foams up and baristas cannot control laws of nature.
    2) if a customer is unhappy with her drink, the barista should always re-make it. That’s store policy.
    3) What the heck does this have to do with desperate housewives?

    1. 1. I guess Starbucks should reconsider the type of soymilk it buys to improve quality of their no-foam soy lattes.
      2. This Starbucks must not have been following normal protocol. Maybe a busy day? How rude!
      3. I’ve heard rumors-though I can’t confirm it-that this woman was Eva Longoria’s sister…

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