Katy Perry hits two consecutive notes; Fans surprised and thrilled.

In a surprising live performance of her hit songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot and Cold,” singer Katy Perry actually hit two to three consecutive notes in tune. The pop star, known for her whiny and off-key voice that is consistently digitally enhanced on her hits, was as surprised as anyone else, saying “It was great. I couldn’t believe that was actually me singing. I thought maybe they started playing the digitally enhanced music over me because it was getting pretty bad out there…but maybe I’m improving after all!”

Jules Goshen, a fourteen-year-old fan of Perry, said she was delighted at the live performance. “I’m used to just hearing her squeal and whine out some of her notes, and usually simply saying the lyrics if the notes are too hard… but this time she actually hit some notes in key! I know I wasn’t the only one in the audience who was shocked. She’s really improving!” She added, “Maybe someday she won’t need any digital enhancement at all,” and then began laughing hysterically.

Perry has built her career as a singer not worried by her awful voice, stating “I’m just grateful I live in a time where a singer doesn’t have to be good at singing. That’s what we’ve got technology for! I can just walk around and act like I’m a big star, and eventually, people believe that I have talent. It’s wonderful!” When asked about a future as someone who could consistently hit notes with her voice, she added “Well, that’d be nice if it happened, but completely unnecessary to my career.”

Check out one of Perry’s many spectacular live performances and judge for yourself:

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