Michelle Obama grateful to use her Ivy League education as a fashion symbol

Just days after unveiling a sassy new ‘do, First Lady Michelle Obama is speaking out about her new role as a fashion icon. “It’s delightful!” She says, gleefully. “I finally get to use my Harvard and Princeton educations for something useful.”

“When I first graduated from Harvard Law, I was in debt, so I couldn’t really afford either the time or money to think about clothes and makeup. I had to work to pay off my loans, which didn’t take too long because I was very quickly making a great deal of money.” Even before the campaign, Obama admits that she remained unconcerned about fashion and trends. “I was a highly successful lawyer so I was always working.”

Now, however, she gets to spend her time smiling for photo opportunities and having heated debates about what type of shoe matches her look for the day. “It’s so invigorating,” she claims with a huge, somewhat-forced smile. “My only regret is that they didn’t have courses of fashion and makeup at Princeton or Harvard. But, I’ve already begun talks with many former professors about adding these courses so Ivy League women can finally have the opportunity to earn their MRS degree like their ancestors would have wanted.”

Until then, Obama continues to “keep it real” in the fashion industry, setting daily trends for women everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama grateful to use her Ivy League education as a fashion symbol

  1. all first ladies should be required to have such a document to even be considered ready-for-marriage by their successful husbands. i’m embarrased she doesn’t have one.

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