Black man named Berry highly coveted at office strategy meeting

At a recent office strategy meeting, the ‘new guy’ a black man named Berry Fohn was all the rage. Many people sat starting at him, fascinated by all the bells and whistles he brought with him to the meeting and how efficient their work place had become since black Berry was introduced.

“I don’t know how we ever lived without him!” says co-worker Jane Porter, excitedly. “Every since everyone met Berry, our lives have changed forever. He’s a great communicator, always keeping everyone in touch through texts, calls, and emails. He can even keep all our dates and times straight in his memory.” She adds, with even more enthusiasm, “And he knows everything! We simply ask him a question and within a couple minutes, he’s got the answer! I want him with me at all times, everywhere I go!”

This is not news to black Berry. “People get really excited and possessive of me wherever I go. Some have even gone through withdrawals if they haven’t seen me in a few hours. It’s kind of intimidating. I mean, after all, I’m just a Fohn, after all. Nothing special.”

But his office disagrees. His boss, Arnold T. Torbold, adds, “If I could, I would get a black Berry Fohn for every single person in the office to help them all become more efficient, better workers.”

Until then, black Berry Fohn continues to help out as much as he possibly can at his new job.

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