Trail mix transforms from delicious to bland with consumption of final chocolate chip

Jack Redd sits on his couch looking longingly at a bowl of trail mix. “I don’t know what happened,” he says with tears nearly swelling up in his eyes. “I kept going for the chocolate pieces because they taste the best but they were mixed in with trail mix so I figured they had to be good for me. And suddenly, they were gone.” He gets emotional again, “And now I don’t want any of it anymore!”

This isn’t an isolated incident for Redd. The self-proclaimed chocoholic admittedly loves to go for the sweets and chocolate in his trail mixes. But over the years, his desire to finish the rest of the trail mix once the sweets are gone, has continuously diminished.

“I just wish there were some way to make a trail mix with nothing but chocolates in it so I wouldn’t always run into this problem,” he adds. When asked if he had ever considered buying a bag of chips separately or a simple candy bar, he responded, “Oh, I’m very health conscious. I would never think of buying that stuff alone. The sugar and fat are very bad for you, you know.”

Until a Redd and so many others who suffer from trail mix transformation issues can find a more permanent solution, he is stuck with a bowl of plain nuts.

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