Pale girl spends ten minutes in summer sun without burn, claims miracle

The sun was pouring down on a hot July day, but Rhianna Banson wasn’t worried. The fair-skinned 23-year-old had just experienced a miracle. Just yesterday, she had ventured out into the sun accidentally without sunscreen, walked for ten minutes to her target location, and made it there without being burned.

“I never leave the house without sunscreen anymore. Not after the day I walked outside and was literally burnt from head to toe before I had locked the door behind me,” she said. “I even once got burnt on the inside of my belly button! Who gets burnt on the inside of her belly button? People with my color, that’s who.”

Banson claims to “respect the sun” and has not left the house without sunscreen on in 10 years. But this particularly sunny July day, she claims she just ‘forgot’ to apply it. She was shocked to have made it to her destination unharmed.

“I started crying and thanking God for His mercy. The people at the coffee shop were pretty confused. I wanted to walk to the church down the road and pray, but that would have meant another ten minute walk, so I figured I wouldn’t push my luck,” Banson recounts.

When asked if Banson would begin to venture outside again without sunscreen, she laughed and simply stated, “I’m not sure you caught this the first time…I’ve been burnt on the inside of my belly button.”

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