Paula Abdul officially leaves American Idol, sparking debate as to whether or not she actually ever showed up

Paula Abdul, TV personality and co-host of American Idol, announced this week she’d be officially leaving the show, though many argue she’s never actually been fully present anyway.

“I actually thought she was fired after the first episode, but she just kept showing up and everybody thought it was awkward and didn’t want to say anything. Plus, you gotta figure that nobody actually ever listened to her anyway, so it’s not like the show will dramatically change at all,” said an anonymous source we’ll simply call RyRy Secrets.
Paula has left her reasons for leaving, much like her reasons for being hired in the first place, a mystery. Though, as before, there are numerous rumors with many different reasonings. Paula has declined to comment, though her Twitter page is abound with overly-emotional and cryptic messages.

There are speculations that, based on their languages style and public persona, Paula may be signing on for a two-woman touring show with Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, though neither camp will confirm or deny the statements.

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