Carl, office funny man, delivers another zinger at annual summer picnic

The scene was set. Everyone from the office was outside making small talk about how excited they were about the excellent weather and the differences between the weather patterns this year and last year. And that’s when Carl, the notorious quick-witted accountant from the payroll department, made his move.

In a speedy one-liner, he was able to smoothly jab at both the boring office environment and at the ineptitude of the boss. One witness, notorious water-cooler gossip Sandra Hayes said, “It was amazing! We keep telling him he should do stand up. You should hear his bit about Mondays!”

Carl, a humble comic, said simply, “Oh, it was nothing. I put my pants on one leg at a time just like any other guy. The only difference is after I put my pants on, I make hilarious jokes!” He laughed enthusiastically to himself and added, “Oh, I’m just kidding. God, I’m good.”

Throughout week following the one-liner, Carl’s joke was the talk of the office, though the boss has yet to catch wind of it.

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