DMV worker smiles, accidentally showing humanity

After patiently waiting three hours in a Department of Motor Vehicles in Springfield, IL, Dave Tonison experienced something unique and rare. The employee who finally called his number, sat Dave down and listened to all if his needs. After Tonison explained what he wanted to do, the worker accidentally shot him a smile. Both parties were shocked.

Tonison said, “It was unnerving. All of a sudden, I wasn’t speaking to a monster, but a human being just trying to do his job. It threw me off during the rest of our transaction.” Tonison claims that the smile, though accidental, seemed to change the mood of both he and the DMV employee. The rest of his day seemed more calming and enjoyable because of the single smile. He added, “I felt so good, I wanted to punch something. Lovingly, of course.”

The employee, embarrassed by his facial outburst, has chosen to remain anonymous, saying, “What I did was an embarrassment to my coworkers and to the DMV community. I’ve been shunned by my peers…who aren’t exactly the warmest group to begin with. I’m currently undergoing rehabilitation to become a better worker.” When asked if he enjoyed the experience of smiling at a customer he said paused, almost wanting to smile again, and said, “I’ve promised the DMV that I won’t talk about my feelings during the event. I will simply say Mr. Tonison is a very nice man.” He paused once again, caught himself, and resumed his scowl.

The DMV issued an official statement in response to the event stating, “We can assure the public this instances of employee slip ups are few and far between, and we will do everything in our power to keep them from happening again.”

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