Britney Spears new song lacks words “Oh” “Baby” and “Yeah”, fans outraged

As the pop princess prepares for another onslaught of #1 songs to hit the market, she has decided to-once again-change her image. Her new songs promise to be heartfelt ballads, sung completely a capella without her synthesized voice half-talking/half-singing over a generic dance beat. And she’s made one other big change. She’s eliminated the words “Oh”, “Baby”, and “Yeah” from the album completely. Her fans are irate.

“I listen to Britney so I can hear those three words said to the beat repeatedly throughout the song. I just don’t know how it can be the Brit I know without those words,” says 14-year-old fan Dakota who was practicing a provocative dance with two friends to the song “If U Seek Amy” for her school talent show. Leslie, another friend in a tiny mini-skirt and Britney “Circus” T-shirt chimed in, “I don’t want to listen to her voice. I want to hear the beats and superficial lyrics. It’s not like she’s a singer or anything.”

Britney’s representatives maintain that the move will be a good one for her. She believes that all her fans will continue to support her as she embarks on a new chapter in her career…one where she attempts to be a respectable singer.

Her representatives are also toying with the idea of her beginning to actually sing during her concerts rather than lip synch, but there has been no confirmation that that will actually ever happen.

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