Old man dispenses advice on public transportation

Kurt Windsor has always loved to help a friend out in need. He’s often found himself dishing and dispensing advice-even at inappropriate times. He explains, “When I was growin’ up people listened to their elders. Everyone knew they were wise and always right.”

Windsor has taken his old age as to heart, and made dispensing advice to all those around him his new calling. “I have a lot of opinions everyone needs to hear,” he said, adding, “So y’all better get used to it!”

Windsor began by simply telling a young girl on public transportation to take her feet on the seat next to her, because it was gross to have your feet on a place where people put their butts. He then stared her down as she refused to move. She stare right back while talking on the cellphone, clearly unaware that the old man’s comments were intended for her.

Despite his often lack of influence, like with the girl on the cellphone or often advising people of where his personal space begins despite them listening to an iPod, Windsor is a man on a mission.

“I’ll continue to give people my two cents until the day when two cents seems worthless because inflation has taken over and even something as simple as a coffee costs $5. But that day hasn’t come yet…right?” He scours the room for people he can share his advice with. People seem to pay no attention to him. But, like Denzel Washington, he is a man on fire.

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