Chunky, thick glasses as unflattering in 2000’s as they were in 1980’s

With trends from the 1980’s making a strong comeback all over the fashion world, one truism seems to stand out from the rest. Thick-rimmed, chunky, oversized glasses are as unflattering to the normal human face now as they were in the 1980’s.

As scientist and researcher David Egan explains, “The issue at hand is that the typical human face shape has not changed nearly enough in the past two decades as would be necessary to make those glasses look good.”

He referred to his plotted a chart of how the human face has changed throughout evolution, and made note of the fact that there has been only insignificant change over the past two decades. Not nearly enough, he claims, to finally make those glasses look good on anyone. “Maybe in the next few thousand years, the trend can make a comeback and people might not look as stupid as it does now. But, we could luck out and have a series of nuclear meltdowns, causing the human form to change much more quickly and future generations to stand a better chance of making that style look good. We just never know.”

When asked if he thought humans would ever be able to look good in the 80’s trend of “grill” glasses with colorful but strips across the eyes, he answered a firm, “No. Never. Those will always look idiotic. No matter what. Period. People should stop wearing them as soon as possible.”

One thought on “Chunky, thick glasses as unflattering in 2000’s as they were in 1980’s

  1. Malcom X was dedicated to overturning this perception, determined to bring about an appreciation of thick-rimmed glasses by ‘any means necessary’, but was sadly assassinated before realising his life’s ambition.

    Kanye West, after a brief attempt at trying to glamourise the grill glasses, has since come to agree with the scientific community that these are indeed ridiculous, and seems to have given up on this pursuit, to much worldwide relief.

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