Sarcastic insult transforms to genuine compliment through minor change in tone and delivery

Brandi Meyers is considered the most popular girl at her school. A current junior in high school, she spent much of her career as a teenager insulting and making snide comments about her peers.

Her world was changed, however, with a simple miscommunication last Friday. When one of the more unfortunate-looking girls was walking by her table at lunch, Meyers laughed and said, “Hey, nice shirt. It compliments your eyes behind your glasses really well.”

Yet this time, before she could laugh at her own creativity and compliment herself for yet another successful distraction from her own insecurities, a strange thing happened. The girl turned to Meyers with genuine excitement and affection and said, “Thank you! Thats so sweet of you to notice!” The freak walked away before Meyers had a chance to reply. She was dumbfounded by the entire interaction. In that moment, Meyers discovered that she could actually become the nicest girl in school by making a few tweaks to her delivery.

“I guess I wasn’t laying enough sarcastic in my tone or body language,” Meyers explains. “The strange part was, it felt really good to make another person feel good. And that scared me.”

With upcoming homecoming court voting, Meyers is feeling pretty good about her chances with this new approach. She believes she still has enough fear and intimidation from several successful years of emotional manipulation, but can look like a genuine enough nice person through this new non-sarcastic approach to speaking to people.

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