Dirty person successfully dupes date through carefully hiding mess and spraying Febreeze

Danny Lubbers is not a con artist. Technically. Last Friday, however the short, stocky 32-year-old was able to pull one over on an innocent bystander during a date. His apartment, normally a typical bachelor pad with clothes and old dishes strewn about, smelled as if it had just been professionally cleaned. His date, a woman we’ll call “Anna”, thought the apartment was completely clean.

His secret? Lubbers simply states, “Febreeze. It works wonders.”

Lubbers recounts the story with a sense of pride. He said that about an hour before the date, after taking a quick shower and scrambling to find something appropriate that didn’t smell rancid and have tons of wrinkles, he realized the horrid state of his apartment.

Knowing that there was the possibility of the date ending at his place, and based on the tidiness of Anna’s appearance, he wanted to also appear put-together. In a frenzy, he threw his clothes under his bed and stuffed them in the closet. He did two rounds of dishes, simply throwing out the dishes that were beyond repair.

And then he had a stroke of genius. He sprayed Febreeze all over the place. And in doing so, secured the illusion that his place was immaculate.

When Anna came over after having a few drinks, she was blown away by how nice the entire place looked, considering it was a bachelor pad. She said the bits and pieces of dirt and dust she did see were completely forgotten by the overwhelming clean smell of the Febreeze.

Anna, and admitted clean-freak, believed that Lubbers was a clean man. Lubbers describes this experience as one of his shining moments in date history.

The verdict is still out as to whether or not there will be a second date. If there is, Lubbers claims he will continue to use Febreeze until Anna becomes so invested in him and their relationship, that he can finally reveal his dirty little secret.

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