Intensity of news anchor changes trivial story into seemingly life-altering news

Veteran news anchor Sasha Hamburg is an expert at making any story that’s handed to her of the utmost importance. This skill has landed her numerous positions throughout the news world over the past decade.

Now, as a local anchor for Channel 8 news in Carmel, IN, she finds herself transforming many of the often trivial stories thrown her way into life-altering news.

In order to accomplish this feat, she combines stern body language and intensity in her eyes with a slow-paced, deep voice, often ending the story with a bit of calculated yet seemingly spontaneous quiver. The results are always incredible.

Last week, she had a story about a needy dog that was adopted by a loving family. Though many news anchors would have read this with a seeming flippancy as light news at the end of a tough day of world events, Hamburg specifically asked for a close up and more intense mood lighting for the story. She told it with a glimpse of a tear in her eye and the calculated quiver in her voice. After the news, the station got a number of calls and emails telling them how much the story meant to their family and how it made them forget the rest of the exhausting news from around the world.

“All in a day’s work,” says Hamburg. She sits up straight, gets very close, and repeats, “All in a day’s work,” with a slight quiver in her voice.

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