Kanye West has relatively uneventful day

Kanye West, who has attempted to lay low except for a few soft interviews since the MTV music awards, has officially had his first uneventful day in recent years.

The artist, who has worked extremely hard to create a successful career, has been sabotaging it lately with a slew of egomaniacal and just plain strange events. From showing up late to a concert in Chicago with Pearl Jam to hijacking the microphone during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV music awards, he has not been able to go a day without doing something dramatic or bizarre. That is, until yesterday.

West spent this particular September Sunday laying low, doing…well, nobody knows. That’s what makes it so different from the rest. A spokesperson for West said simply, “Kanye is really sorry…no, wait. He hasn’t done anything this time. That was just a habit. Yeah, um, what is it I’m supposed to say here? No comment? No comment.”

Though the quietness doesn’t stand a chance of lasting, it was a nice change from West’s recent demeanor.

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