Student doesn’t make honor roll, parents caught lying with car bumper sticker

When Nancy and Rick Clarmont put the “I’m proud of my honor roll student!” bumper sticker on their 2003 Honda Civic, they expected their son, Hank, to continue to do well in school.

What they were not expecting, were for Hank’s grades to slip below honor roll status and to subsequently become bumper sticker liars.

“We’re horrified,” Nancy claims. She adds, “We can only hope Hank will get his act together and make honor roll next quarter so we won’t have to drive everywhere feeling like we’re lying to the entire world.”

Hank stated that he was overwhelmed from having too many responsibilities with both work, volunteering, sports and school. The eight-year-old student is already feeling the pressure of college applications. He claims, “Many of my peers are already being courted by Ivy League institutions. This one semester off the honor roll could very well keep me from a good scholarship to a good school and subsequent prospects of a good future. I’m more disappointed than my parents could possibly be.”

“We’re just embarrassed. None of the other second grade mother’s have to deal with this issue. Their children have all been on honor roll since Kindergarten,” Nancy says. She adds, “I just hope this doesn’t screw up everything he’s worked so hard for his entire life.”

When asked what they were going to do about the bumper sticker on their car that is now a lie, Nancy answered she would probably cover it up with some clever political slogan that told the other drivers in one short quip how she felt about complicated societal issues.

One thought on “Student doesn’t make honor roll, parents caught lying with car bumper sticker

  1. Maybe its cuz I live in TN and we dont exactly have the best school systems in the country, but what 8 yr old even talks like that? And for his parents to be embarrassed? OMG! Now you know where the pressure is coming from. This whole thing to me was disturbing. Screw the bumper sticker, fix the parents!

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