Chicago residents once again surprised that the city is cold

As the first cold front moved into Chicago over the past couple days, city residents are once again shocked that the nice summer weather will not last all year.

“I really thought this year would be different,” says Walter Franky, a long-time Chicago resident. “Every time the weather gets and stays nice for a while, I keep hoping old man winter will forget about our fair city and go bother someone else this year.”

The city was reminded of its naturally cold state when temperatures dropped to the mid 40s before the first of October. Most residents had their fall jackets, gloves, and scarves on. And the leaves haven’t even turned on the trees yet.

“Every year I hope that maybe winter won’t come. And every year, I’m wrong,” Franky adds. “Oh well.” He puts on his thermal underwear, sighs, and heads out the door. Despite the shining sun, the temperature outside is causing his nose to start to run. He says, dejectedly, “I’ll just have to wait until May for nice weather again.”

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