Woman continues to function despite not caring about Jon Gosselin

The first time Tracy McClurg looked at a picture of Jon Gosselin, she laughed out loud, saying “What’s so special about that weird-looking dude?” This happened yesterday.

McClurg, who is quite savvy with most current political, international, and economic events, has somehow managed to avoid knowing anything about the Jon Gosselin. “Why would I give a —- about some loser on a reality TV show?” she says.

When his name was first mentioned in casual conversation yesterday, her friends were shocked when she said, “Who’s that?” They began hounding her with questions as to how she has been able to function in the world without knowing the details and drama of the famous Jon and Kate Plus 8 affair details.

McClurg explains, “I get up in the morning, check out the news sources I care about, read stuff I care about, and get on with my life.” For many of her friends who are obsessed with the affair, the gossip, and the juicy details of the man’s every move, they cannot understand how her life can seem fulfilled.

“I just don’t care what this guy is doing. He’s just some guy who had cameras follow him around for a reality TV show. He’s got no talent or special something to him. Why would I waste my time and energy caring about him?” she says.

For her friends, this sentiment has begun to cause a bit of a rift between them. Many of them only know how to talk about him or Heidi and Spencer or a thousands of other stars made famous by having nothing particularly special about them.

McClurg simply hopes they’ll get over it. Until then, she continues to not care, stating, “Like I said, I don’t give a —-.”

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