Hipsters whine about permeating lack of intelligence from chain book store

Several hipsters, reading Ayn Rand and listening to 60s music that was unpopular in the 60s, were found complaining about the lack of intelligence from the people who surrounded them in downtown Chicago on Friday morning.

The hipsters, who do not often frequent chain book stores because of the large supply of commercial books, were in desperate need of a reading fix so they walked into a chain book store. The group immediately regretted their decision.

“These books look like oppression,” commented one of the lead hipsters. He added, “I can’t believe I paid money to the man who will inevitably keep the status quo in check and make my life more miserable than it already is.”

To make matters worse, the hipsters claim that the treatment of the workers towards them was below average. As another hipster explains, “It’s because we’re different and unique and not scared to be ourselves. We know we each look completely different, even if you can’t see the difference when you’re looking at our whole group. We’re totally individual in our own non-conformist conforming way.”

This particular group of hipsters is well known for frequenting a local hipster shop that charges exorbitant amounts of bizarre and unpopular books. They are adamant that the books are the best in the city because so few people can truly grasp their meaning. Much like their approach to modern art, they blame other patron’s lack of sophistication about reading for not enjoying the peculiar style of the local store.

The hipsters will likely be frequenting a few more chain books stores to complain before retiring to their normal hang outs to recharge their haughty arrogance amongst like-minded folks.

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