Girl admits using Facebook and Twitter status updates to make others feel lazy

The obsession began when Mya Wilkins started working out more often. Like many people, Wilkins had a tough time sticking to any fitness routine. She would often lose her motivation and find herself making excuses for not working out after about a month’s time.

Social media, however, changed this for Wilkins and many others. “Now, every time I work out, I like to post what I did on both Facebook and Twitter,” she explains. “That way, I know other people know how hard I’m working. It makes me not only feel better, but I know I’m making others feel lazy. It’s really satisfying.”

Wilkins is not alone in her love for posting her workout routine online. Several hundred people have found a new love for using their online media sources as motivation for continuing strenuous workout routines.

“It’s way better than any personal trainer, for me,” Wilkins adds. She began working out seven months ago, and has been consistent about it every since her first Facebook status update, in which she wrote “Feeling great after a hard morning workout!” Ever since, she has been writing daily about her routines, even writing “I wish I had time to run today :(“ on her off-days.

“Of course I’m not always being honest about how much I enjoy working out or how hard I actually worked,” admits Wilkins. “But the online community doesn’t have to know that. As long as they feel lazier and I have a sense of moral and physical superiority over them, I’m happy.”

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