Government considering taking religious symbols off all buildings

In an effort to continue to keep a strong distinction between church and state, many government officials are vying to take all religious symbols off churches, synagogues, temples, and other religious meeting grounds.

They claim that the symbols can be seen from public places and could possibly be offensive to those of a different religion. Non-Christians may be upset by seeing a man dying on a cross. Non-Jews may be upset by seeing two triangles placed opposite each other. Non-Muslims will likely be offended no matter what Muslims do. And the pattern is true for all religions.

In this hyper-sensitive age, government officials would rather avoid a confrontation with people who have spent their lives avoiding diversity and confrontation and are therefore easily offended.

Rather than have an open, honest discussion about what it means to be securely and comfortably rooted in one’s belief system without feeling threatened by others who are different than you, the government wants to simply take off the symbols so maybe people will stop being offended altogether.

Many people are already offended.

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