Band spends more time discussion future success than practicing

Emotional Staircase, comprised of four young members, have been together since 2007. They are a hipster/rock/electronic/pop/rap group that has known they’d be successful from their very first meeting.

Eric Rowings, the band’s lead singer/guitarist/human beatbox, claims they’ve known they were always destined for success. “We spent the first week of practices discussing how famous we were all going to be, how different and unique our sound was, and how it will catapult us to the forefront of music,” Rowings claims. “We’ll find our audience soon enough. The priority for us, right now, is to understand just how revolutionary we’ll be for the music scene, overall American society, and our global impact on world events.”

Rowings says that the group meets to practice together three to four times every week since 2007. They admittedly, only get out their instruments or attempt to create music about once a month. Oftentimes, too, they find themselves spending much of the music time retuning their instruments, warming up, and attempting to agree on a key to start any given song with.

“We’ll get there,” Rowings assures himself and the others as they prep for another rigorous practice. “And when we do, we’re going to make an impact on the world like an asteroid in the prehistoric era.”

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