Miley Cyrus projected to be considered attractive by 2060

According to a recent study conducted by the Institute for Identifying Attractive People (IIAP) located in Washington, DC, Miley Cyrus will likely become traditionally attractive around the year 2060.

The IIAP has been fascinated for years by Cyrus’ status as an attractive person without having any of the traditional attractive qualities. According to the Institute, she is not traditionally “unattractive” but is considered more “completely neutral-looking” and borderline “uneasy to stare at for long period of time.” What fascinates them, however, is Miley’s status as a “good-looking” person according to millions of other people. They hypothesize that her “attractiveness” to others is likely hugely linked to her huge fame and wealthy bankroll.

These excuses for her attractiveness, however, will likely change around the year 2060. The IIAP projects that by this decade, aliens will have begun to permeate society and procreate with humanity, creating a generation of youth that have giant eyes and funky features. Society’s standards of beauty will slowly change as these so-called “freaks” begin becoming more “normal”. And that’s when Miley Cyrus will begin to fit in and be considered more traditionally “attractive.”

The IIAP admits that beauty standards are constantly transforming along with culture and society. There are some elements, however, that remain the same throughout time. Their prediction of aliens procreating with humans is the only way-they can see- that Cyrus’ look will every be considered “standard beauty.”

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