Lil Wayne’s small stature redefined which rappers allowed to use “shorty” in their rhymes

For years, rap and hip hop artists have been using the term “shorty” as one of endearment to specify a woman. The term plays off the stereotypes of women typically being shorter than men. It is one of the easiest, most consistent, distinguishing factors for artists to call upon and use in their rhymes.

Lil Wayne, however, is only 5’6”, making him the average height of a woman and significantly shorter than the average height of a man. Though sources have not confirmed it, the “Lil” part of his name likely recognizes this stature difference.

The rapper, however, has consistently used the term “shorty” in his songs to describe different women. He, of course, has more flowery and specific descriptions of all sorts of areas of a woman’s body, but “shorty” remains his go-to term for women.

Because of the discrepancy in his height and the average height of the women models he raps about-especially once those models put on high heels-there has been a bit of controversy as to whether or not he could effectively use the term “shorty”. Lil Wayne, however, has persevered despite it and continues to use the term. Thanks to great camera angles and special effects in his videos, too, he usually appears taller than the women who surround him.

Many directors who work with Lil Wayne in shooting the videos have professional expertise with correcting height problems through working with other famous height-challenged actors like Tom Cruise, Billy Crystal, and E.T.

As long as Lil Wayne continues to pump out hit after hit, he seems to be allowed to get away with any inaccurate vocabulary choices he wants.

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