Experts agree Lady Gaga will have a difficult time maintaining levels of crazy

Pop culture performer Lady Gaga has become known for her offbeat style and somewhat wacky antics. From fake blood pouring out of her costume during a live performance of her hit “Paparazzi” to screaming “Are you listening?” symbolically to President Obama during a speech in Washington, she has become well known for putting on a show and one-upping herself each performance.

Many experts agree that she may need to begin toning herself down a bit or she’ll reach a brick wall where she will no longer be able to outdo each performance she has. They fear that she has only been on the music scene for a short amount of time, and in that time has consistently grown her reputation for being erratic and offbeat.

The experts believe that within about a year or so, if Lady Gaga’s crazy readings remain about the same, she will need to do something overly dramatic in order to stay on the pop culture map. They project she will likely stage her own death, like other pop icons like Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson*. (*editor’s note, if calling Michael Jackson’s death staged is offensive or believed to be ‘too soon’ feel free to pretend it’s not there)

Unfortunately for Lady Gaga, standards of expected crazy levels have risen exponetially over the past few years thanks to pop icon Britney Spears, who has consistently managed to outdo her own off-stage wacky performances. A relative newcomer, Lady Gaga has her work cut out for her.

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