After lackluster small talk, man makes things awkward by asking woman out

While making small talk at a local bookstore with the seemingly friendly clerk, a woman learned a lesson about perceptions and reality. Rather than letting bygones be bygones and leaving another possible meeting up to chance, a bookstore clerk decided to make things awkward for both parties involved by writing the following email:

“Okay, so this is really creepy and stalkerish, but I remembered your name from your credit card when you were in [book store name] tonight, and I googled you and found this email address. So… I’d love to take you to [restaurant name] some day, if you’d like, or get coffee or some such socializing type activity. I should have asked you when you were in the store, but I didn’t, so I resorted to this lame tactic. So if you’d like to hang out sometime, I’d be quite happy to do so, and if you’re getting that “restraining order” feeling just reading this, we can never speak of this again and pretend we never met.”

The woman, unsure what to do with said information, is currently remaining silent. All she will comment on is her disappointment in being unable to visit the bookstore ever again.

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