In wake of tragic loss, Blackberry phone is remembered as loyal, consistent, and durable

It has been a tumultuous few days for the mother of lost blackberry phone, Velma. As the hours pass and various taxi companies confirm they have had nothing turned into them, Velma’s family has begun to slowly accept the tough fact that they will likely never see her again.

“It’s all my fault,” cries Velma’s mother of the incident. “She trusted me to keep her by my side. And I let her down.” Other family members try to comfort her by saying it was a simple accident. Some have even called it a “wardrobe malfunction” since she likely slipped out of a jacket pocket.

Nevertheless, Velma’s mother remains nearly inconsolable.

She recalls fond memories with her phone and constant companion of almost two years. She remembers dropping her numerous times, and each time Velma acted like nothing had happened. Velma made many phone calls that went through clearly, mediated many tough conversations made on the phone, and assisted in finding her mother great work throughout her tenure has cellphone.

“She will be dearly missed,” says Velma’s mother. “I think I’m going to finally upgrade to that iPhone I’ve always wanted, though…” she adds, with a glimmer of hope and excitement coming into her eyes for the first time.

And, like a new puppy bought in the wake of losing another in a feeble attempt to replace it, this new phone will be named Velma II. And Velma’s mother will guard it with her life.

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