Man disappointed in function of stolen phone

A man who happened to stumble upon a lost Blackberry phone over the weekend is disappointed in its overall function. The man found the phone in the back of his taxi cab after being tipped over 30% in his last run of the night by a nice, innocent-looking female.

Rather than attempting to bring it back to her that night or being a good samaritan and turning it into the proper authorities, he chose to gut its SIM card and use it himself.

Unfortunately for him, however, the red Blackberry did not seem to be working properly. Not only was it pretty banged up, but it consistently erased his recent calls moments after he’d make a call. If he missed a call, it also did not say who called or record any number of the call, making him simply hope the caller left a message with a phone number. In addition, his “new” phone would periodically erase all text messages and emails, as if they had never existed in the first place without rhyme, reason, or warning.

Part of him wishes he had just returned the troublesome phone to the owner in the first place, rather than having a nasty karmic stain of stealing for such a pathetic phone. And, at least, maybe the friendly owner would have retained the key information she had in the SIM card that is now in the garbage.

But the other part of him loves the haughty status he now has through “owning” a Blackberry phone, no matter how poorly it functions.

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