Man disappointed by reaction to obvious innuendo

Reggie Potter is not a comedian by trade. He is an average, easy-going middle class man who works as an editor at an advertising company. But amongst his friends, he is a bit of a comedic exhibitionist.

“I’m always coming up with zingers and one-liners that catch my friends off guard,” Potter explains. “Many of them have often told me that I should do stand up.”

Because of his razor sharp wit and impeccable sense of humor, it came as a shock to Potter when his obvious innuendo when he was out with his friends last weekend received little to no reaction.

Potter explains the events that led up to his disappointment, “A group of my coworkers and I were out to for Happy Hour drinks at Chummys, a local bar that has 1/2 price appetizers and drink specials between 5-7 every Friday, and Thomas Smith spilled his drink over the table. Some of it got on his pants. He said-and I quote-‘Oh, man. My pants are all wet.’ So, at that point, I of course threw in a ‘That’s what she said!’” But Potter’s phrase was met with complete silence from others around the table.

“I tried repeating it a couple times just to make sure they heard what I said and how clever I was,” he explains. Unfortunately for Potter, nothing seemed to work. He never a single laugh.

“Thomas just shot me an angry look,” he said, “And rolled his eyes as he and the others helped wipe up the table.”

Despite the obvious disappointment, however, Potter is not completely downtrodden. He understands that every genius of his age was at one point misunderstood by his peers and had to overcome many obstacles to be recognized.

“I’ll continue to practice and work at it until I get the result I want,” he claims. He paused a moment and, with a glimmer in his eye, added, “That’s what she said.”

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