Akon admits he didn’t try too hard to not be disrespectful in latest hit

In his latest single, “Sexy Chick” with David Guetta, Akon continues his streak of creating thought-provoking and soulful lyrics.

In this song, though, he actually admits that he is struggling to find the right words to describe the lady who has won his heart for the evening. He says, “I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful,” in the song. He follows up that claim with choosing “Damn girl,” and then repeating “Damn you’s a sexy b*****” (the radio version says “chick” rather than the more R-rated word).

Akon admits there are probably more ways of describing a woman being attractive rather than simply saying “Damn girl” or calling her a sexy “whatever.” He claims that when he began attempting to think of different descriptions, he drew a blank. So, he turned to other modern hip hop music.

“Many of the songs call the women ‘shorty’ or ‘ho’, so I figured I’d just put sexy in front of a noun that could replace woman,” he explains. “I’ll admit it… it only took a few minutes total to think of it.”

“To be honest, it’s probably still pretty disrespectful to just talk about a woman as sexy or use the term b**** as synonymous with woman,” he concedes. “Again, I didn’t really take too much time on it. I more wanted to make the gesture of seeming to care rather than actually caring.”

That same impatience can be shown in the video for the song that was clearly created over about a two hour span in a generic pool party and subsequent club scene in Los Angeles. When asked if he filmed the video on his camera phone, his eyes lit up saying, “I didn’t even think of it! Maybe next time…”

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