Blog’s 100th post gives flimsy reason to celebrate

After several months of weekly blog postings, The Snoopy Digest finally officially reaches 100 blog posts. This post is lucky enough to be that very story. Number 100.

When it comes to celebrating such a milestone, there is very little required. Many blog writers forget to celebrate the little things, usually because they’re too busy writing hard-hitting opinions or researching factual information. We do not have that issue here at The Digest. Instead, we have all the time in the world to celebrate a meaningless marker.

So, congratulations to all the staff here at The Snoopy Digest for sticking with a project long enough to reach 100 postings. Most of us never thought you’d make it past ten.*

*For clarification purposes, the Digest has one person who does everything. The “us” referred to in this story is to make it seem like that person has friends and/or a life. Neither of those is true.

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