Maintenance worker keep his perfect record of negative interactions intact

The morning after Joanna Greenly moved into her new apartment, she went for a quick run. While outside locking her apartment stairs door, she was immediately and aggressively approached by a man who seemed to be working. He asked her if she was the “new girl” and when she confirmed that she was, he began berating her about how she needed to get the boxes that had been on the porch off the porch immediately. After all, it had nearly been 24 hours they’d been sitting there.

Immediately put off by the interaction, Greenly remained positive. She quickly learned this angry man would be her maintenance worker for the building for as long as she lived there. Keeping this in mind, she continuously tried to be positive and patient with the man.

The worker, however, seemed to have his own agenda. He continuously made every interaction he had with Greenly angry, defensive, and uncomfortable. Even when speaking quickly in passing, the worker somehow managed to insult and attack Greenly.

The worker, who will remain unnamed, said simply, “It’s an issue of pride. I want to keep my streak of negative interactions with Greenly intact.”

In order to do this, the worker has had to get somewhat creative. He would bang on the back porch door loudly at 6 am. He would knock once on the front door and begin to open it with his set of keys if Greenly didn’t get to the door in time to respond. He would accuse Greenly of getting an outside worker to come work on something when, in fact, Greely would just call the landlord and they’d send whoever was available-and sometimes it was the worker’s partner. He would barge his way into the apartment whenever he wanted claiming he needed to check something and this was the only time he had to do it, and would apologize defensively and aggressively if the supposed “job” was already done.

All in all, the worker has worked very hard to make Greenly despise him. And he’s quite proud of the fact.

“Greenly was more difficult than most tenants because she seemed to always greet me with patience and a smile. I had to wear down her patience and get rid of her smile. It was quite challenging, but I think I rose to the occasion,” the worker shared.

Unable to take the man and many other elements of her apartment, Greenly will be moving out before Thanksgiving. She’ll be moving to a much bigger apartment complex with the hopes of staying relatively anonymous and neutral with the maintenance workers there.

Upon hearing news of the move, the current maintenance worker is thrilled. He not only get to keep his current record of always eliciting a negative interaction from every tenant, but he now gets fresh meat to attack and belittle.

It seems to be a win/win situation for both sides.

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