Woman not ashamed to coo at cellphone in public

Beatrice Winters is a proud new owner of the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, and she is not afraid to show it off. Her new phone, which she has named Elana, has become the light of her life.

Admitting that she may pay attention to it more than neccesary, Winters claims she is not ashamed to show the world how she feels about her new phone. After all it is her “baby.”

In fact, while she was recently commuting to work on public transit, Winters found herself cooing at the phone, like it were an adorable newborn baby that demanded love and attention. She quickly caught herself and hesitated for a moment, and then decided she didn’t care what others thought.

“I love my Elana,” she said. “I express it in a very distinct way, and I’m happy to share that love with the world.”

When reminded that Elana was simply a cellphone, and not actually a child, Winters covered the earpiece on the iPhone. Whispering angrily, she simply said, “Do not talk about her like that. She’ll get fussy and throw a temper tantrum and then I’ll have to reboot her and things will get ugly.”

Other than the occasional reboot, Winters could not be happier with her new, purchased, digital daughter. She adds, jokingly, “I’m just not looking forward to her teenage years!” She laughs to herself almost uncontrollably as she holds Elana close.

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