Upon losing access to the internet, girl discovers she has her own thoughts

While in the process of moving apartments, Dana Ollinger lost access to the internet for a few days. Between not living in her old apartment and waiting for the new services to be set up, she was in this prehistoric-like waiting period where she lost much of her modern ability to communicate and connect to the world.

Within a day or so, Ollinger started beginning to have strange thoughts. Ideas would simply pop into her head while she was wandering around her apartment. She would find herself writing down these ideas in a “journal”-a written version of an online blog that is meant to be kept “private,” which means for only one or a few select people.

As she began writing in this journal, she quickly realized that she was hearing her own voice within her head coming up with all sorts of things to include on the pages.

The strange part about the voice was that it was her own.

For as long as she could remember, Ollinger’s mind had been distracted by constant access to the internet and the world of ideas and thoughts that are included. She had become accustomed to listening to other people’s opinions and ideas. It had never occured to her that in the process, she lost touch with her own well of ideas and opinions.

That is, until she was forcibly removed from the chatterbox of the internet. Shocked to find that she had her own thoughts and opinions outside of the internet, she began to be truly inspired. She began writing more stories and creating fun story lines.

Last Wednesday, however, her internet was finally set up again and Ollinger found herself once again lose touch with that creative spark inside. Now that she knows her own thoughts are inside her, though, she hopes to keep off the internet a little more than she did before.

That is, of course, after she watches a series of related YouTube videos and comments on them for an hour or two. Or five.

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