Actual tiger, emerging from woods, claims affair with Tiger Woods

In the midst of scandal and drama, Tiger Woods must deal with yet another woman claiming to have had an affair with Tiger. This time, however, the creature hits a little closer to home. She is a tiger, nicknamed Raja, who lives peacefully in a woods preserve in Dharmsala, India.

The claim is shocking on many levels. It brings out one more mistress that Tiger must confirm or deny for the public, and it is the first non-human and non-American making the claim.

Raja says she was seduced by the famous golfer one night as he was visiting her preserve. He coaxed her near, began petting her ears and telling her how she was the most beautiful tiger he had ever seen, claiming he knew tiger’s well and that she took home the cake.

At the time, Raja knew that Tiger was married, but he was so different from any other tiger she had ever met that she quickly forgot about that little inconvenience. Plus, she didn’t know if human Tigers had different rules about loyalty that were more similar to actual tigers, who do not mate for life.

Raja admits that the affair was long ago, yet her strong feelings for him remain. She admits that she is only coming out with the affair at this point in time in the hopes that Tiger will return to her and lives with her in the woods as a tiger forever. She adamantly believes the tiger people will treat him as the Tiger equal he is, and will not worry about his infidelity.

Tiger Woods has declined to comment on the latest claim.

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