Man on bus decides cellphone conversation important enough to share with everyone.

Donald Ensel is a frequent user of both his cell phone and the local bus system, often finding himself talking on the phone while riding the bus. On occasion, Ensel decides that the conversation he’s having is so important and so exciting, that he needs to speak very loudly and share it with the other passengers.

This is what happened last Sunday when Ensel was heading north to his home via the city bus. He began talking on the phone to his wife, Jamie, when the two of them apparently got in a small tiff. According to Ensel, there was a miscommunication as to what his expectations were when he got home from work. He wanted to stay in and eat warm food, and Jamie was apparently ready to go out on the town.

Because he was so strongly rooted in his convictions, Ensel began speaking louder and with more authority. Eventually, he decided that he needed to share his side of the conversation with the entire bus, with the hopes that those bystander’s hearing it would agree with his side of the argument and would help morally support him.

Heather Long was on that same bus that night, and heard Ensel’s conversation. “I thought he sounded absolutely right, at least at this end of the conversation. I know I love to stay in and eat a nice meal at home,” she says. She added, “I enjoyed listening to the details of the conversation. They were a welcome reprieve from the mundane conversation I was having with my friend next to me.”

Claire Hudson, Long’s friend and conversation partner on that fateful day, had a different perspective. “I just wanted him to shut up,” she said. “He was being way too loud and nobody gives a —- about your conversation. Quiet down and recognize there are other people in this world.”

Ensel claimed sharing the conversation with the rest of the bus must have given him an advantage against his wife, claiming to have won the argument after all was said and done. “I’ll be sure to share more personal conversations on a daily basis while I’m in public places,” he said, beaming.

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