Sarah Palin, joining Fox News, proud to be a part of the liberal media

“It’s nice to finally be in the trenches with the enemy, like a spy,” Sarah Palin, former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential candidate says about accepting her new role as a commentator on Fox News.

The former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential has accepted a role as a commentator on Fox News. Though she agreed to many interviews with the news source during the election, she admits calling all media liberal and still holds out the belief that this news source is part of that group.

“Sure, plenty of people think that Fox News can have a somewhat conservative bias,” Palin says. “But I’ve repeated time and time again how all news sources are liberal because they give information to the people without asking anything in return, which is really a socialist idea,” she adds, clearly quite proud of herself.

“But, for the first time in my life, I’ve been doing my homework. And I really think I can take this Fox News outlet and turn them into the one and only source of real news in the United States,” she explains. She plans on making them a real news source by taking issues she feels very strongly about in her gut, and simply stating her opinion as fact. In doing do, she hopes that they will not bring up any counter-arguments or other possible opinions. That way, everything she believes will become a fact. And the liberals who believe in telling a full 360-degree story lose.

When asked why she was willing to join the liberal media after her consistent bashing of it throughout the past year and a half in the spotlight, she said simply, “You should see my paycheck.”

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