Sarah Palin proud of recognizing Fox News as a news outlet

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, during a notorious interview with Katie Couric, would not name a specific news source that she kept up with when Couric asked her the same question several times in different ways.

Months later, Palin has joined forces with Fox News to provide periodic commentary on current events and social situations. Though Palin says being proud to be a part of the news team, she admits she’s proudest of knowing that Fox News was on TV and that people watched it to glean information about current events.

“You know, if that liberal bully Katie Couric had just asked me specifically whether or not I know what Fox News is, and then explained that it was a news source, then I could have answered her question outright. When I said I read ‘all of them’ and ‘any of them,’ I was including Fox News in that answer,” explains Palin.

Palin’s aides first introduced her to Fox News while on the campaign trail. The news outlet, which has been accused of having a very conservative edge, was the gentlest to Palin during interviews. They reportedly told her not only all the questions they were going to ask before hand, but wrote appropriate answers that they knew their viewers would want to hear.

Palin says those interviews were the first time she became comfortable really regurgitating somebody else’s words in a more clear and concise way. “They kept things simple and to the point,” she says. “I got to repeat the same things over and over again. It was like a simple song, you know? One with no stanzas, just a chorus I could repeat over and over again.”

As for the subject of joining the ranks of her arch-rival Katie Couric, Palin simply scoffs, saying “I’ll bet she doesn’t even know what either foxes or news are, let alone what happens when you combine the two.”

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