Haitians grateful for American pop singers’ “Help for Haiti” music to help them while cleaning up dead bodies

After the disastrous earthquake attacked Haiti recently, destroying much of the country and killing hundreds of thousands, American pop musicians did everything they could to help out. They sang their pop hits and created a compilation CD of their hits and gave profits to help with disaster relief.

While many are applauding their effort, some critics accuse the celebrities of not doing enough. Harrison Wyley, a local man who has donated a lot of money to Haitian relief, is not impressed by the singers’ showy efforts. He claims, “If I have $10, and somebody needs help, and I raise $100 for them by doing my job, I can feel pretty good about what I’ve done…but I still have $10. I haven’t given anything of myself to them.” For Wyley, a parallel situation is happening with the pop singers and Haiti relief efforts. Only multiplied by a million.

Haitians themselves are grateful for the songs. They claim hearing American pop music specifically geared or lyrically changed to highlight Haiti makes a day of cleaning up dead bodies fly by much faster.

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