Relationship ended prematurely because of poor cellphone reception

On a cellphone call last Friday, Chaz Grand and Ginny Loren encountered some serious problems. The now former couple, who had been dating for several months, were discussing that evening’s plans. Ginny, who was already beginning to feel like Chaz wasn’t showing her enough affection, ended the conversation with an, “I love you.”

Unfortunately for both of them, the cellphone reception was extremely poor between them and, according to Chaz, he did not hear the “I love you,” so he could not respond. For Ginny, this was the last straw in a slew of problems between the two of them. She assumed he had refused to say it back and that he had hung up the phone. And she ended things between them.

After attempting to call Ginny back several times, Chaz became disheartened and waited for her that evening at their date spot. Ginny never showed.

“The disrespect he showed me on the phone that day was too much for me to handle,” Ginny explains. “He was always doing little things like that and I grew sick of it.”

Chaz was heartbroken. “I just wish we could have talked about it… face to face. She knows I have ATT. I can’t help it.”

Will Ginny find it in her heart to forgive Chaz for his poor choices in phone carriers? Only time will tell.

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