Social woman beginning to enjoy hermit lifestyle

All her life, Grace Hull grew up loving to be around people. Gregarious and social by nature, she has always relished in big city lifestyles and being part of a larger community. Throughout her teenage and college years, she retained numerous friends from all walks of life, and often made new friends with complete strangers.

Lately, however, Hull has found herself more withdrawn from society. Though she spends a lot of time in her work with other people, she seems to truly enjoy moments away from the hulabaloo of city life. In fact, she has become almost hermetic in her social habits. And claims to enjoy it.

“I still see people almost every day or so,” Hull explains, “it’s just, when I don’t have to see or talk to anybody…I really like sitting by myself and reading a book or watching a movie.” Though this may seem relatively normal to any other person, Hull’s strange schedule makes her choices for solitary time atypical. Often, after a long work week of late nights and often some weekends, she loves to spend Friday or Saturday sitting in her studio apartment and not talking to anyone.

Though embarrassed to admit it, Hull has even been known to ignore incoming phone calls from friends or family who want to talk.

“I don’t think it will go much further than just spending a couple nights a week alone,” Hull claims. “But, as the weather gets nicer, I have been toying with the idea of wandering around in the forest alone and away from humanity. Maybe even growing a beard. Who knows.”

Hull’s case is not incredibly unique. Many twenty-something females who are burnt out on a load of responsibility and expectations of being extremely social find themselves sitting alone in their apartments, staring out the window, and humming lullaby’s while rocking back and forth.

With so many women of previous generations pioneering careers and breaking glass ceilings for them everywhere, young women only see one final frontier that has been untouched yet by the female gender. And that is hermit-ing.

One thought on “Social woman beginning to enjoy hermit lifestyle

  1. Just so all these new female hermits don’t co-opt the best caves. 😉

    Rob Hanson of the Chrislip Journal

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