Woman haunted by bug killed in cold spirit

At the time, Elise Wetchlinger didn’t think twice about the killing.

A bug was in her tub as she was getting ready to shower and she simply grabbed a paper towel, smushed it, and flushed the remains down the toilet.

Now, however, she has begun to question her spontaneous decision and claims to be haunted by the dead bug’s spirit. The nightmares began just days after the incident, and have slowly became more and more frequent.

“I see him every night before I go to bed, hovering over me,” Wetchlinger explains. “And when I look away, he’s gone.”

Wetchlinger has always been a more sensitive soul than most. As a strict vegan, the thought of harming another creature has always been appalling to her. Yet, for a still inexplicable reason, that particular day she snapped and simply squished the bug- without apology or explanation.

Unsure how long the haunting will last, she has found her days have become shorter and her nights longer, and more tormenting.

Though tragic, the incident has confirmed the theory that Wetchlinger had about all creatures-they have souls. With no soul to linger, the bug would not be able to haunt her. Little comfort, though, for the woman’s guilty conscience.

Wetchlinger has been contacted by both Discovery Channel for their show “A Haunting” and by the Oxygen Network for their show “Snapped”. She has yet to confirm our deny she will be involved with the shows.

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