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  1. Audience Comments

    Very funny! Her humor and delivery reminded us of skits on “Saturday Night Live.” Ms. Hansen’s skit about a teenager writing an actual letter with pen & paper is hilarious! Her improv was full of quick-witted humor. The theater was full tonight – you may want to get there early or buy a ticket in advance.
    Posted by: Kathy H at Sun Aug 22 9:17 PM
    Laugh out loud funny. Oh my gosh. What a find. Funny, funny, funny. Topical. Humorous. Energetic. A Genuine Comedic Genius. And, locally grown. Go see Brianna Hansen while you can. Next time that you see her, you will have to pay big bucks. Go see her. Take your friends. Take your friend’s friends….Don’t let this opportunity to see great comedy get past you……
    Posted by: Gene H at Sun Aug 22 9:30 PM

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