Hey friends! This next episode of Femoir will be all about feeling gooooooood. Yeayer. And I gotta say- I feel good about the fact that more people are checking out the show! Sure, it may be because I’m begging people via Facebook to check it out or guilting friends into “Like”ing the page… but it still feels good that people are supporting this thing. So muchos thank yous! 

Things that make me feel good:

Running (right when I start and after 25 minutes. Minutes 8-24 are usually painful and I have to talk myself into continuing.

Eating chocolate. Especially in mousse form. Mmmmmmm.

Fitting into clothes that didn’t fit as well previously. Sometimes I buy bigger sizes just for the same effect.

Putting on sunscreen and a giant hat then sitting in the sun. It makes me feel like I get to shake my fist at UV rays.

Getting up early. Weird, I know, but it makes for an overall much calmer day. Once I can talk myself into it. I get a feeling of self righteousness all day from it. 

Playing with doggies. Always. Even if I have to take a Claratin for totally unrelated reasons (I am not at all allergic to dogs in any way. God wouldn’t do that to me.)

Catching someone off guard and making them laugh. Especially when they were supposed to be on-guard and then robbers can take whatever they’re guarding. I’m willing to work for hire. 


WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD FRIENDS? If you don’t want to answer, just think about it. Then download the next episode of Femoir the week of June 3. HUGz n KISSUz!

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